Every system needs care

In order to ensure the continuous availability and constant benefit of your pneumatic tube system over the years, a professional inspection, care and maintenance is indispensable.

With our highly experienced team we would be very happy to take over this work for you. It even doesn´t matter whether you operate a system of our company or from any other competitor.

During a maintenance we check your entire system with a view to leaks and damages and fix them. We test all components for their functionality and the degree of wear of wearing parts such as seals where a perfect function is of immense importance for keeping the pressure and suck for a proper transportation of the carriers. In addition we ceck all drive elements as well as control units and all components will get cleaned, lubricated and adjusted.

To ensure consistent high availability we recommend to maintain your pneumatic tube system at least once per year or even more depending on the usage.

Continuously maintained from the start of the system you will thus be able to keep the full functionality in a sustainable way and you will considerably extend the service life of all system components. System failures due to high wear will be prevented in the best possible way. At the end the so kept system availability will save tremendous time and costs.

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