Travel with us through history

2019 – Hello Vienna

With our further expansion and the new base in Vienna we can support our customers in Austria even better and faster now.

2018 - We continue to grow

With the takeover of the pneumatic tube division of various competitors in Austria our presence in the domestic market is noticeably expanding.

2017 - Our Flap Top Carrier becomes a movie star

In the robber comedy movie „Logan Lucky“, starring Daniel Craig, Katie Holmes and Hilary Swank, there is our Flap Top Carrer used for several times. Click here to see the trailer (can be seen from 0: 38-0: 42).

2017 - Takeover and move to our new building

With the end of 2016 and after 30 years, Hermann Thalmayr says goodbye and goes into his well-deserved retirement.

Christoph Abel takes over the company and with the move to the new building in Lamprechtshausen nearby Salzburg, the rebuilding and reorientation of the company with a focus on sustainability, quality and growth with an absolute customer orientation starts.

2016 – Realisation of our new building starts

Due to our constant growth and upcoming changes, we have decided to build a new company building in Lamprechtshausen nearby Salzburg.

2013 - WKO export price

Over the years the international business has been very successfully expanded what was recognized by the WKO for the Export Award in 2013, "... a prestigious and deserving award for the Best of the Best ..." as the WKO describes this award.

2002 - t-matic® pneumatic tube system starts

We effectively enter the system business with our first own t-matic® pneumatic tube system. With a steady increase in the number of partners we achieve a significant customer growth worldwide.

1987 – start up

We were founded by Hermann Thalmayr in the premises of his private residence and started with the manufacturing and sale of carriers for pneumatic tube systems.