Blowers generate the required forced air and ensure a controlled carrier transport.

Depending on the requirements, different blowers with different levels of power are available. In addition to the simplest 230V AC blowers with up to 1,1 KW for simple transports e.g. in conjunction with our Simplex point to point systems, of course we also offer three-phase blowers e.g. for our t-matic® systems

Our blowers work in a comparably quiet way and save energy by only running the time which is needed to process a transport. Our blower controls, which are tailored to the type of blowers planned to use, ensures the exact timing required for this purpose.

By combining the three-phase blower with e.g. our air diverters a very simple and quick reversal of the driving direction can be achieved. In addition, if a slow speed control (e.g. our slow run unit or a frequency inverter) is used, the air can be optimally regulated with regard to maximum speed control. This ensures a controlled and most gentle transport of sensitive goods such as blood samples in a hospital.


  • various performance levels for different requirements between 1-8 KW
  • comparatively quiet and energy-saving operation
  • low start-up delay and the easiest change of driving direction, e.g. with the use of our air diverters for switching between vacuum and pressure operation
  • maintenance-free operation
  • speed control by "slow speed device"
  • accessories such as silencers for further noise reduction available

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