2/3-way / 4-way Diverter t-matic®

With the aid of our 2/3-way and 4-way diverters the pneumatic tube system gets fully flexible and offers the possibility of easily reaching different station locations. They impress with their small dimensions and their light-case design which allows a comparatively very simple installation.

Our diverters are equipped with a gear drive which turns the integrated s-tube unit quickly, safely and accurately to the respective positions. They are well known for low-wear and low-maintenance and they are designed for a use in one-directional and bi-directional systems. On top of that they are constructed for various installation positions what offers maximum flexibility and adaptability.


  • available as 2/3- and 4-way
  • modern light-case design
  • small installation dimensions, different mounting positions
  • high quality seals for highest tightness

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