Flap top carrier

Sophisticated and popular!

Our Flap top carrier offers you two closure alternatives. A fastener that strongly holds the flap lid by its force-lever action on the one hand or on the other hand you choose our popular "T-lock", which opens the flip lid by simply pressing the T-latch and also closes the lid very easy by simply knuckling the the lid. A "clack" sound clearly notifies that the T-Latch is locked. Both versions are additionally securable by separately available lead seals that block the closures and only release them by destroying the lead seals.

For custom made and / or special colors please ask!

facts & specs

  • available in nominal sizes 100, 110, and 160 [mm]
  • for thick and thin-walled driving tubes
  • driving ring in Velcro standard, Velcro fleece or felt
  • proper inserts for test tubes available
  • optionally equipable with different RFID Tags
  • buffers in carrier colour optional
  • for a better slippage optionally available with hard buffers


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