Laboratory carrier

Smart and safe!

No matter if it´s about laboratory samples, blood samples, urine samples, fruit juices, oils or other liquids / sample materials: in our Laboratory carriers with their integrated seal all these goods are well protected. The smooth and gentle drive within the carrier ensures a safe transport and reception of the goods.

The carriers are easy to clean and disinfect. It can be done manually or by using a disinfector.

Like our Flap top carriers also the Laboratory carriers offer two closures, the fastener and the T-lock. In addition, they also offer the option of securing your goods during shipping with the help of seals.

For custom made and / or special colors please ask!

facts & specs

  • available in nominal sizes 100, 110, and 160 [mm]
  • for thick and thin-walled driving tubes
  • driving ring in velcro standard, Velcro fleece or felt
  • proper inserts for test tubes available
  • optionally equipable with different RFID Tags
  • buffers in carrier colour optional
  • for a better slippage optionally available with hard buffers


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