Visualization software

Our Megavision software for t-matic® TM3000 pneumatic tube systems is the absolutely recommended addition when it comes to simple configuration, monitoring and evaluation of all system activities. With Megavision you can record and directly visualise the system status, find the reason for incidents as quick as possible and directly solve them via PC on site or even by remote control.

In addition Megavision offers extensive system evaluation functions and log files that record all system operations. For example you can evaluate shipment flows and derive necessary changes. Aditionally you can view transports and their terms and arrivals as well.

Megavision is the indispensable support even during commissioning, expansion or system changes. Because the entire system can be easily configured and adapted directly via PC on site or even via remote control.

In multiline systems with linear coupler a very clear overview of both the individual lines and the linear coupler is available. Here all carriers which are currently stored in the linear coupler buffers are shown and even their target, recipient and sender numbers are mentioned.


  • visualization of your t-matic® single or multiple line pneumatic tube system
  • extensive configuration, maintenance and service functions
  • clear presentation of single or multiline system
  • extensive system statistics such as number of transports
  • integrated service mode for convenient service of the system
  • comprehensive transport and action log data
  • Windows 10 ready
  • intuitive user interface
  • etc.

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