Sliding sleeve station

Our Sliding Sleeve Station is a very easy-to-use pneumatic tube station solution that focuses on the essentials. Of course, despite its simplicity, it offers the opportunity to send and receive carriers.

The input of carriers for sending as well as the removal after receiving a carrier is very simple and takes place at the same station position. All you have to do is to move the existing sliding sleeve upwards and put in or remove the carrier. Entering an sending address or acknowledging an optional arrival signal can be easily done via an external operator unit.

The Sliding Sleeve Station is approached from above and as an end station it forms the end of the respective section. Incoming carriers get pneumatically braked and gently discharged into the respective collection container.


  • simple pts station for sending and receiving carriers
  • different external control panels available
  • highly space saving
  • free (possibly transparent version) or integrated (furniture, niche) mounting option
  • ergonomic carrier input and output at working height

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