Slim fit

Handy and slim!

Our slim fit carrier is probably one of the most exotic carriers. Intended for use in pneumatic tube systems with a diameter of 160 mm it tapers the carrier body to a very handy circumference. It is well known in clinics & hospitals and their laboratories because you can work much easier faster and more comfortable. Slim fit carriers are usually used as an additional carrier to transport less voluminous goods such as e.g. blood samples where you don´t need the complete 160mm carrier loading dimensions.

Slim Fit carriers are available with or without seal with t-lock as well as with fastener.

For custom and / or special colors please ask!


facts & specs

  • available in diameter 160 [mm]
  • Velcro rings, velcro fleece or felt rings
  • optional with seal for additional leakage protection
  • optionally available with different types of transponders
  • optionally available with hard buffers for better slippage
  • buffer optionally available in carrier colour

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