Station t-matic® WES end station type 09


With its compact dimensions and modern light-case design, the station t-matic® WES Type 09 offers the best conditions for being used freely in any area as well as integrated into existing furniture.

The station is approached from above and forms the end of the respective system section as an end station. Incoming carriers are pneumatically braked and get gently discharged into the respective collection tray.

Furthermore the t-matic® WES Type 09 is designed as an automatic station for both, sending and receiving carriers, can either be equipped with our two-line smart LC displays or with our high-res. Graphic LC Displays. It even can optionally extended with RFID technology e.g. for automatic carrier sending without the need of an address input.

Various additional expansion options complete the diversity of this station.


  • automatic station for sending and receiving pts carriers
  • optionally with two line Smart LC Display or high-res. Graphic LC Display
  • modern light-case design
  • free or integrated (furniture, niche) mounting option
  • ergonomic carrier input from below
  • optional RFID technology
  • additional functional extensions as an option

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