t-matic® TM3000

Control units

Our t-matic® TM3000 pneumatic tube system control is the "flagship" of all our different pneumatic tube control solutions. It is mainly used for pneumatic tube systems in industrie and hospitals, since it meets the very high demands on integration, availability, transport safety, handling and throughput. Especially for the highly sensitive field of application in hospitals it is best suited with its very wide range of solutions.


  • modern, fully automatic microprocessor control
  • for single and multiline pneumatic tube systems
  • with diverter coupler or linear coupler (multiline systems)
  • many station solutions for individual needs
  • Win10 compatible PC software Megavision for configuration, visualization, statistics and remote service available
  • arrival signal also by email, SMS or phone
  • automatic diagnosis and adjustment routines in case of an error
  • prioritization of shipments
  • gentle driving mode for sensitive, critical goods
  • RFID technology for e.g. automatic transports as well as documentation
  • etc.

Schematic t-matic® single-/multiline system

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