t-matic® reference

Hospital Hietzing Vienna

  • hospital with approx. 1.000 beds
  • approx. 1.500 employees
  • centralised laboratory
  • pathology
  • several buildings with long distances in between


  • upgrade of the existing system to reach the higher expectations on system´s safety and throuput
  • extension of the system by implementing several new areas
  • reach the max. possible systems safety with a view to availability and transport processing
  • idemnification of optimal protection of sensitive goods like e.g. blood samples during their transport

Solution - system properties

  • 1 t-matic® multiline control system
  • 2 linear couplers
  • 21 zones
  • 3 seperate zones for frozen and instantaneous sections
  • 41 3-way diverters
  • 86 Automatic sending/receiving stations

Solution - system characteristics

  • sending buffer to store and separate transports
  • PC software t-matic® Megavision ml for visualisation, remote control and configuration of the system
  • RFID technology e.g. for an automatic carrier management
  • special laboratory station solution for gentle receiving of sensitive goods like e.g. blood samples
  • new zones and t-matic® stations for system extension


Linear coupler 1 Blower units Forwarding tubes