Cash logistics

Give you and your employees more safety and transparency

Our special pneumatic tube system (pts) solutions stand for fast, safe and consistent transport, e.g. from supermarket cash desks directly into the safe. Increase your and your employee's safety with the easy-to-use pts option of keeping your available cash at the different cash points continuously as low as possible and sending them very fast and safely via a closed pipe system directly from the to the vault or even directly into safe.

With the help of pts on the one hand you not only save valuable time by avoiding manual transports for your employees, you also makes your work processes much more flexible and efficient on the other hand. In addition to all these advantages, you secure your cash from unauthorized access and thus directly prevent theft and manipulation.


We always tailor our pneumatic tube systems to your individual requirements in terms of concept and scope of functions. Various pneumatic tube solutions are available for this purpose, depending on the combination, various functional ranges and solutions. For example, the simplest of our solutions - our Simplex system - offers the possibility of switching back and forth between two stations (e.g. cash desk and vault).

If you want to be able to send from several stations to one destination e.g. several cash desks directly into the vault, our solution MicroCash offers the optimal possibilities.
If the possibility to ship between several stations e.g. several cash desks and the vault is requested, our t-matic ® cash system represents the best choice. This can be extended according to your needs e.g. with RFID technology.

We would be pleased to advise you individually and in detail to create the best possible optimisation for your in-house processes. Just contact us at any time.


Transport goods

  • cash
  • documents, receipts
  • etc.


  • safe transport - on request directly into safe
  • protection of employees
  • protection against unauthorized access and manipulation
  • cash on hand at cash desk as low as necessary
  • preventing far manual transports
  • cost reduction