When every second counts

Particularly in hospitals the demands on reliability, security, predictability and, above all, on efficiency with regard to limited human resources are very high. Here, our t-matic® TM3000 pneumatic tube solutions offers essential support. They ensure a highly safe, fast and gentle transport of sensitive and time-critical goods like blood bags, blood samples, frozen sections, instantaneous sections but also of comparatively uncritical standard transports such as documents, mail, findings and reports.

Always ready

Our t-matic® pneumatic tube system is 24/7 ready for use. Wether for daily routine transports e.g. from the wards to the laboratory, for spontaneous transports e.g. from the emergency department to the lab or from operation theatre to pathology: at any time of the day or night you are able to immediately send your goods and above all there is no need anymore of a manual pick-up and delivery service or even for very expensive transports through nurses or doctors, what is additionally associated with comparatively long waiting times and high costs especially in night times. You can handle your transports directly, quickly and safely with minimal effort. This significant relief will give your staff much more time to focus on the most important thing - your patients and their fast recovery.


For an individual and exactly adapted to your needs solution there are different nominal diameters (e.g. 110 mm, 160 mm), various concepts and designs as well as individually applicable solutions available. These adjustments are possible for the entire system solution or for selected system areas.

E.g. if several areas of your premises are to be connected by pneumatic tube system, our t-matic® solutions for single or multiline systems represent the best basis. They can be expanded with RFID technology for e.g. automatic carrier management and they offer individual system possibilities like e.g. gentle carrier reception as well as automatic frequency-controlled slow speed. In addition, our system software Megavision can be integrated which visualises, configures, (remotely) services and clearly analyses the whole system.

Also with regard to the carrier solution our large portfolio offers the opportunity to optimally meet your needs.

We would be pleased to advise you individually and in detail to create the best possible optimization for your in-house processes. Just contact us at any time!


Transport goods

  • blood samples
  • blood bags
  • instantaneous sections
  • urine sample
  • drugs
  • documents
  • etc.


  • safe, gentle and reliable transport
  • focus on core competences
  • 24/7 availability
  • documentation of transports
  • faster to clinical findings
  • reduction of logistic costs
  • etc.